Car park upgrades to benefit both users and operators

Facing the Future

Australia’s reliance on motor vehicles is legendary and while some reports indicate a dip in car ownership due to younger generations shunning cars in favour of car sharing, the recent ABS figures indicate car ownership remains high with currently 12 million vehicles on our roads.  With so many cars, the question turns to increasingly stretched parking facilities and the role of car parks in our society.
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Engineering Carparks for Greater User Experience

Parking continues to be an increasingly contentious issue


As space diminishes due to dense development in urban environments, so too do the number of user-friendly car park facilities, with much of today’s parking architecture creating highly restrictive conditions for manoeuvring vehicles.

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Line Marking for Carpark and Industrial zones

CCS making their mark in the line marking business

A new line marking machine and a number of line marking projects for both Carparks and Industrial facilities has offered our clients more when it comes to the scope of a new project.

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Carpark Upgrades can solve Strata Headaches

The increasing cost of building maintenance is weighing more heavily on the shoulders of bodies corporate.

This month sees another editorial live on Sourceable site by Michael Reid, our General Manager here at CCS.  As older style residential apartments become aged and serious structural issues become more apparent, the increasing cost of building maintenance is weighting more heavily on the shoulders of body corporates.

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Palm Beach Residential Driveway

Compliance can also add value and appeal to your property


CCS recently completed a custom curved barrier system for a residential driveway on the Northern Beaches, Sydney.  Working with the builders YUNCKEN, the Barrier System and the installation truly delivered an outstanding result.  As well as being compliant with Australian Standards,  this project showcases what can be achieved by designing a system that is also aesthetically pleasing to the project as well.


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Driver crashes through parking deck and falls 4 stories

Another near miss for a driver in Alabama this week

This week we have seen another example of a terrifying carpark when a driver crashed her Toyota SUV through the upturned concrete in an Alabama Carpark.  After falling 4 floors, witnesses at the scene were able to steady the car as it lay on its roof and assist in removing the women from the wreck.
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Should Australia Raise its Carpark Safety Standards

Editorial for Industry Magazine Sourceable

This month Michael Reid our General Manager here at CCS has begun sharing editorial content for Industry Magazine Sourceable.  This will be a regular spot for us at CCS and this months article tackles the issue of Raising the Carpark Safety Standards here in Australia.


Under the current standard AS/NZS1170.1, the barrier in a carpark must withstand a force of 30-kilonewton.  So this means a 1,500 kilogram vehicle (a medium sized sedan), travelling at eight kilometres per hour. However when we consider the weight of larger SUVs and utility vehicles now in Australia and the actual speeds cars are doing in carparks today, the existing load bearing specifications are insufficient to withstand an impact in today’s carparks.

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Birkenhead Carpark Upgrade

CCS wins contract with Mirvac

This week CCS announced they have begun work on the Birkenhead Shopping Centre Car park upgrade, after being awarded the project by Mirvac, earlier this month.  "We are delighted to be working again with Mirvac after previously upgrading their Broadway Shopping Centre Car park in 2013"say Michael Reid, General Manager for CCS.
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Residential Carpark Compliance and Refurbishment

Refurbish existing residential carparks and add value to your property

An investment in carpark safety and compliance for Residential carparking can result in an aesthetically pleasing upgrade to old or tired buildings.

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How safe is your Carpark?

Undertaking a carpark safety and compliance audit

The majority of hotel developments will include car parks that are designed to facilitate efficient parking for guests, yet car parks can be hazardous environments due to their high level of vehicle and pedestrian activity.  They must therefore be managed with extreme care.

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