A perimeter car park barrier installation is an essential safety structure that not only ensures the safety of vehicle users but also the safety of pedestrians and the general public.

Did you know...?

  • Compliant vehicle barriers are required where the vertical fall to the adjacent ground level exceeds 600mm (Australian Standards 2890.1-2004)
  • For pedestrian safety, compliant balustrade systems are required where the fall to the adjacent ground level exceeds 1m (Building Code of Australia)
  • Anti-climb balustrades are required where the fall to the adjacent ground level exceeds 4m (Building Code of Australia)
  • The new Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2011 came into force on 1 January 2012, are you aware of the implication for your car park?
  • As per the NSW Coroners recommendations on 19th January 2009, an annual inspection of car park and pedestrian barriers should be undertaken to ensure continued compliance of these important safety structures.

Annual Inspection

Carpark Compliance Solutions' unique annual inspection and certification service provides owners and operators with a simple and easy method of ensuring their duty of care obligations are satisfied with regard to Carpark and pedestrian barriers. When your property is registered with CCS, we will contact your assigned contact person to arrange the inspection, conduct the inspection and issue an Engineer’s Certificate in respect of the perimeter car park barriers. Your annual certification will ensure that your duty of care obligations with respect to continued compliance with the Australian Standard has been satisfied. Your insurance underwriter may look favourably upon this pro-active annual inspection and certification regime as a means of reducing their contingent liability in respect to car park areas.


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